Shatsk – Relax Along the Shores of the Largest Lake in Ukraine

Shatsk is a small town in the Volyn oblast of Ukraine that travelers may want to consider visiting. The town only has about 6 000 people living in it, but it is warm and inviting. Situated north-west of the slightly bigger city of Kovel, Shatsk a great place to stop for a light lunch if you are traveling towards the city. It is also not a bad place to stop if you are making your way to the Svityaz lake, which is situated only a short distance away.

Shatsk in Ukraine was first mentioned in literature in 1410, making it quite an old city, and it first made headlines in the 20th century when it became the site of the Battle of Szack during the Polish Defensive War. During this battle, the Polish forces of general Wilhelm Orlik-Rueckemann managed to defeate the 52nd rifle division of the 4th Soviet Army. Though Polish casualties and deaths were less than those suffered by the Soviets, some 850 in total were killed during that decisive battle on 28 September 1939. A further 2 500 or so were wounded in action, with some 1 600 of these wounded enlisted in the Soviet Army. It was a sad time during the city’s history but today there is very little trace of this historic battle at all.

Most visitors to Shatsk are making their way to the Svityaz lake – the largest lake in Ukraine. This is one attraction in Ukraine which is definitely worth seeing. The surrounding area is covered with beautiful forests and other vegetation and the area is sparsely inhabited. Quite a number of sanatoriums are situated nearby the lake where people are able to rest for weeks on end, enjoying the peace and quiet of the woodlands and the wonderfully fresh air. So visit Shatsk and lake Svityaz and make the most of your trip to the area.

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