Nizhyn – Educational Hub and Historical Treasure

Nizhyn is a small town in the Chernihiv Oblast that is home to approximately 80 000 inhabitants. It lies near the Oster River and is quite diverse for a town of its size. Many historical events and noteworthy sights make Nizhyn an interesting and fascinating town to visit. Tourists that explore the Chernihiv Oblast, will not be disappointed.

It is believed that Nizhyn was established prior to the year 1147, as
documents confirm its existence, under the name of Unezeh. Over and above
being known for growing the most succulent cucumbers in Ukraine, this
self-governed town has many attractions of great historical significance,
that lure tourists to the Chernihiv Oblast.

Although the Nizhyn Naval Air Base is not a bustling hive of activity, it
does stand as a reminder of days when it was used as a reconnaissance and
bomber base. It was the center of attention during July 1969, when two
aircraft, TU-22’s, collided in the air, causing a few heart stopping moments
as the aircrafts came hurtling to the ground, missing the town by only 0.5
kilometers. Fortunately, the crew was able to eject and walk away from the
experience unhurt. The town also used to have approximately 80 churches, and
though some fell into disrepair and others were demolished, there are still
a number of buildings that visitors are recommended to see. The Intercession
Church was constructed in 1765 and the St Nicolas Cossack Cathedral dates
back to the year 1658. Other sites include the Annunciation Cathedral
Trinity Church, Presentation Cathedral and the St Johns’ Church, which are just the tip of the iceberg, and all these buildings are steeped in history.

Some of the older buildings, such as the Nizhyn Gogal State University,
have been neglected over the years, but their splendor is still visible, and
it is easy to imagine how this building used to look. The Nizhyn Gogal State University does have a hidden treasure, that the students call ‘The Picture
Gallery’. It was established in dedication to the famous Gogol, and has one
of the most magnificent art collections that can only be imagined.

Gogol was not the only well known figure to have blossomed in Nizhyn.
Famous people such as Israel Rosenberg, Sergey Korolyov, Sonya Adler and
Nestor Bernes, all found their calling here. Nizhyn is a diverse town in the
Chernihiv Oblast that is filled with educational institutes, research
establishments, historical buildings, legendary people and a brilliant
agricultural sector. A town that is bigger in spirit and soul than its

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