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  • Vinnytsya Oblast

    The oblast of Vinnytsya takes up an area of 26.5 thousand square kilometers and is located in the center of the Ukraine. Vinnytsya was first formed in 1932 and is now made up of twenty-seven districts, seventeen cities, 1467 villages and thirty urban style settlements. Vinnytsya, Bar, Haisyn, Koziatyn, Nemyriv and Yampil are some of the largest cities in the Vinnytsya oblast.

  • Vinnytsya

    History shows that Prince Algirdas of Lithuania discovered Vinnytsya in 1363. Today, Vinnytsya is major agricultural area where fertilizers are produced. In addition to this, they are also known for their production of electronics, agricultural equipment, light engineering, clothing and footwear industries. Sugar production in Vinnytsya is also a major production. The Bershad sugar factory ...