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  • Odessa Oblast


    The beautiful town of Tatarbunary, when directly translated from the South Slavic language, means “Tatar Wells”. However ‘Bunar’ is taken from the Turic word “pinar” meaning "well" given by the Bessarabian Bulgarians. Tatarbunary, the administrative center for the district of Tatarbunarskyi Raion, is a relatively small town residing in the province of the Odessa Oblast in south-west Ukraine. ...

  • Odessa Oblast


    If you travel to the western side of Ukraine, you will find the brilliant region of Odessa. This picturesque part of the country is divided into several Raions or districts, one of which is the Reniysky Raion. Reniysky Raion now falls in what was once the Bessarabian district of Budjak (also Budzhak or Bugeac). Its administrative center is the city of Reni and the region has a population of ...