[VIDEO DONE] I NEED HETALIA COSPLAYERS *for a super secret music video*

EDIT: THE VID IS DONE!!! GO WATCH IT! http://youtu.be/pqdrUY04Kb0 =~CASTING CLOSED as of 4:42, 06/15/11~= PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION 8'D It's infotastic! .....=w=; ~*~ @,@ Gah... First time using Sony Vegas to make a video...Sorry if this completely fails... ~*~ SONG CHOICE: Alright, so basically I've written a Hetalia-specific-PARODY of the song Tik Tok (by ke$ha =3=). Each person will record a small clip of some sort that has to do with a line in the song. When I get everyone's clips/videos, I'll piece them together for the music video! :D ~*~ Want in? Please private-message me and SEND ME A VIDEO of your cosplay! Not photos- I NEED VIDEO-FOOTAGE! The vid can be something random used for a dif. event, or you can record something specifically for this. It does NOT have to be an "audition" vid, persay! Just a video with you the cosplay you signed up for! This video will serve as: -Proof of your cosplay -Proof of your ability to record yourself =3= -Evaluation of your video quality DUE DATE, thus far, IS LATE JUNE. PLEASE PM ME FOR MORE INFO!!!!!! COSPLAYS: Finland- digitalxkeyblade Sweden- fanfickchick1992.....ish Denmark- IamDoctorAwesome Norway- Bkreedify Iceland- ForeheadxGoggles France- RiksenNP [2] N. Italy- ForTheLoveOfPasta Russia- ChanCosplayPro Poland- ....pixiv? .o. Prussia- DEMOTIVATIONAL POSTER!.....and pixiv XD; Canada- TheCosplayshow Spain- SandStar79 America- AzeCluzt Switzerland- RoboAliSaur Japan- Kevin11sgirl Britain- ArabellaNitehart Seychelles- CutietheCat Romano- ForTheLoveOfPasta [2] Sealand- pixiv =w=; China- SarcasticDoubleA Belarus- fanfickchick1992 Lithuania -HetaliaUnitedWorld Estonia- FACEBOOK...page ^^; Latvia- Strawberryelric Korea- Sandstar79 Greece- AshNeko221 Austria- pirateANDelf Hungary- RiksenNP Any questions? Feel free to comment or PM me! -love, Utsu