(Updated) Memorial to a German Colony, Part 2 – Muzhylovychi, Ukraine

My German Lineage ... one aspect of my family's Germanic ancestry is the discovery that a certain small village called MUZHYLOVYCHI (initially called MÜNCHENTHAL in German then MUZYLOWICE in Polish), not far from present day L'viv (Ukraine), holds a special meaning to us. For in this village, we can trace our ancestry to the time period of the 1750s, when one of our great-great-grandfathers settled in this hamlet when it became a German Catholic Colony. From that early time up until approximately 1895, the maternal side of our family lived, worked, died, and were buried (for the most part) in the nearby Roman Catholic cemetery. This video shows the MÜNCHENTHAL GERMAN CATHOLIC CEMETERY MEMORIAL PROJECT ... a project to memorialize all the departed German Colonists who are buried in this cemetery with the creation of a proper memorial.