Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village Canada 2009

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village - Established 1974 in Alberta, Canada. The Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village (Ukrainian: Село спадщини української культури, Selo spadshchyny ukrayinskoyi kultury) is an open-air museum that uses costumed historical interpreters to recreate pioneer settlements in east central Alberta, Canada. In particular it shows the lives of Ukrainian Canadian settlers from the years 1899 to 1938. Buildings from the surrounding communities have been moved to the historic site and restored to various years within the first part of the twentieth century. -- "The Village", as it is colloquially known, makes very strong commitment to historical authenticity and the concept of living history. The Village uses a technique known as first-person interpretation which requires that the costumed performers remain in character at all times (or as much as is feasibly possible). Actors answer all questions as if they believe it is 1928 or whatever year their building portrays. Although this technique is off-putting for some visitors at first, it allows for a much stronger experience of immersion in history than traditional third-person interpretation where the actor acknowledges that he is, in fact, in a museum. Website: