Ukraine. Open for IT

Ukraine – is a #1 software development center in Central and Eastern Europe and fourth largest exporter of IT products and services in the world. We owe our success to the talent of more than 100 000 IT professionals, strong education system and support of Ukrainian government. We are the best in what we do on the global arena: 10 IT companies operating in Ukraine have been selected among one hundred of 2016’s best outsourcing service providers in the world. Looksery, ReplyApp, Competera have Ukrainian roots and the number of IT-products alike should increase. More than 100 companies from Fortune-500 list – are clients of export companies. And the amount of the clients doing business with Ukrainian companies should increase as well. Ukraine should become an important player on the global digital technologies market. Ukraine is open to software development, establishment of R&D centers, e-commerce, and startups. Open to IT. Open to You! Video creation supported by Western NIS Enterprise Fund.