Tilt shift “MiniLook Kiev” video in 3D | 3D Media Revolution TV

Tilt shift "MiniLook KIev" video belongs to its owner! Created by Efim Graboy & Daria Turetski Music: Adam Burns/Jez Burns - May Flowers minilookkiev.blogspot.com/2012/03/minilook-kiev.html 3D "3D video" "red cyan 3D" "MiniLook Kiev" Kiev Kyiv Ukraine "tilt shift video" "tilt shift" "euro 2012" "video response" "3D TV" awesome "3D Video Player" "3d video converter" video stereoscopy convert "convert to 3d" "2d to 3d" "red cyan 3d" "anaglyph 3d" "3d video" "watch in 3d" "3d movies" 3d "3d movie" "3d videos" "3D Film" Player "video to 3d" "anaglyph 3d video" "3d effect" 3-d "3d glass video" This is just a video response converted to 3D using 3D Video Converter: http://convert-to-3d.com Put on red cyan 3D glasses to enjoy 3D effect.