The Serious and Supernatural in Ukrainian Sculpture

TITLE BAR: Art of the Exhibition HEADLINE: New sculpture exhibition in Kiev features masterpieces from all over the world ANCHOR: And in the Ukraine, a new sculpture exhibition is making a big splash in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. The story today from NTD's Ukraine team: STORY: More than 500 sculptures packed the three floors of the Central Kiev Exhibition Hall. Many of the artists were also on hand to answer questions about their works. Eugene Derevyanko is a teacher and a master sculptor. He explains his 'The Thankful Listener,' one of the highlights of the exhibition. [Eugenie Derevyanko, Master Sculptor]: "I believe that before saying something in the world, you should be able to listen to others. You should be a thankful listener. During your lifetime people speak to you, but because of your foolishness you may not hear them and miss something which could be the most important thing in your life. We should be careful with one another and listen to one another, because there are a lot of worthy people. Missing their words is a crime against oneself." He also mentioned that his own son was the model the 'Listener.' If only all children would listen as well as this does Another highlight is this scultpure of a ballerina, created by the husband and wife team Leonid and Elena Kozlova: [Elena Kozlova, Sculptor]: "My husband is fascinated with ballet. He has been observing ballerinas for a long time. Once, he watched them after a concert. They were sitting in this posture and saying: "It is so hard! we are so tired!." We usually associate ballet with something light, air. But it takes hard work to achieve this and hard work is tiring. That is why our ballerina is sitting." Kozlova added that the ballerina took about four years to complete. But the exhibition also has a lighter side with Vitaliy Shklyarenko's passion for the supernatural. He says he wanted to show the human side of centaurs, creatures that are part human and part horse. [Vitaliy Shklyarenko, Centaur Enthusiast]: "The Centaur is a mythological creature. But even this unreal creature had a childhood. Before the centaur became a stern warrior, he was a child. But nobody brought up this theme. This topic is very close to my heart." Other highlights include works by the mysterious Ukrainian sculptor Old Master Pinzel. Some of Pinzel's works had to be restored after they were damaged by the Soviets in the 1950's, but many are still well preserved from as far back as the mid-18th century. This is the exhibition's second year in Kiev. It will be open through March 15, and we'll hope to see it again next year. NTD, Kiev, Ukraine