‘The Hidden Europe: What Eastern Europeans Can Teach Us’ book trailer by Francis Tapon

Learn more about the book at http://TheHiddenEurope.com WHAT'S THE BOOK ABOUT? - It's a travel narrative about my travels to all 25 Eastern European countries in 2004 and 2008-2011. I visited each country at least twice. - There are 25 chapters, one for each country. - 736 pages + 60 color photos + a color map + a ribbon bookmark. - The non-fiction book covers each country's history, habits, cuisine, traditions, language, and their neighborly relations. Throughout the book my personal travel experiences are mixed in. By the book's end, you'll have an excellent understanding of the region and you might even want to go visit. WHEN IS THE BOOK COMING OUT? - The ebook is available today. - The book's official publication (launch) date is April 28, 2012 - the 20th anniversary of the fall of Yugoslavia. WHERE CAN I BUY THE BOOK? - You can now download a copy of the ebook at http://francistapon.com/shop or at Amazon, B&N, Apple's iBookstore, or Google Books. - You can order the book on Amazon, at your local bookstore, or on http://francistapon.com/shop. WHO TOOK THE PHOTOS IN THIS VIDEO? Francis Tapon (the author of the book) took all the photos EXCEPT those from the Cold War, Belarus, Turkey, and Ukraine. WHY DO YOU SAY THERE ARE 25 COUNTRIES IN EASTERN EUROPE? This is perhaps the most frequently asked (and most controversial) question I get asked. I urge you to read the Introduction of The Hidden Europe at: http://francistapon.com/images/book/The-Hidden-Europe.pdf I DON'T LIKE TO READ THAT MUCH. DON'T YOU HAVE SOMETHING SHORTER? Yes, here's the key excerpt from the Introduction that explains how and why I define Eastern Europe the way I do. Please read it before posting an angry comment: http://francistapon.com/WhereIsEE DUDE, EASTERN GERMANY IS NOT A COUNTRY! Yeah, I know. Call it a region. I've taken a bit of artistic license to include it among the 25 countries. Because it's a borderline country, it's a short chapter in the book. Still, given the history of East Germany, I felt it deserves a small mention in the book. KOSOVO AIN'T A COUNTRY EITHER! Yes, I know most countries don't accept Kosovo's independence. I've heard the mantra: Kosovo is Serbia. Obviously, Kosovo's sovereignty is a touchy subject. So like Eastern Germany, let's just call Kosovo a region, if that makes you feel better. WHAT ABOUT FINLAND, GREECE, AND TURKEY!? Yes, these are all borderline Eastern European countries, but in each chapter I explain why one can consider them part of Eastern Europe. Hint: geographically they are certainly in Eastern Europe and not Western Europe. (This assumes that we're doing a simple east-west division of Europe. Again, read the article: http://ftapon.com/whereisee) I STILL DON'T AGREE WITH YOUR DEFINITION OF EASTERN EUROPE. Great, then skip the chapters that are about a country that you don't think is in Eastern Europe. THIS IS A COOL BOOK TRAILER! WILL THERE BE A MOVIE TOO? Yes, before the hardcover book's official launch date (April 28, 2012), I'll produce a movie about Eastern Europe that will be based on the book.