Pripyat, Ukraine- The Ghost city (Chernobyl nuclear disaster)

A simple slideshow about Pripyat I decided to make. It's a sad story, many people died, and those affected by the enormous amounts of radiation are suffering all kinds of mutations, also don't forget the mental scars the tragedy left in the inhabitant's mind, they'll never go away... I do hope that this video makes us think about what we are doing to the world... Rate and Comment Please :) EDIT: lol, i just realized i forgot to convert 1 photo to black and white.. but oh well, never mind, it's no big deal. :P The song used is from FF7 and it's called "Heart of Anxiety". In my opinion, it fits this situation perfectly, it has a really eery feeling to it. ::::::::::Note::::::::::: I do NOT own the song or photos. I'm NOT trying to make profit of this video.