Pripyat shadow of Chernobyl

Pictures do not belong to me! Nor does music! I took them mostly from deviantart and some from google. With all due respect towards the people that died there and suffered a sever injuries and deformations I think that is something awful,tragic and the worst thing that can happen to someone. Chernobyl disaster was one of the biggest and most tragic disasters in the history of the world. I feel nothing but sorry and sad about what happened there. Nuclear reactor 4 because of the human mistake blasted and left complete wasteland in the years to come. However 30 years later,Pripyat the name of the town next to Chernobyl now is deserted,still radioactive but much less than before and half ruined. Country Ukraine now opened the city for visitors. There are still rumors that some people live there or refused to leave but none of it is confirmed officially. Now Pripyat has a complete post-apocalyptic scenario behind itself. Paradise of misanthropy but with a tragic history. I myself am very fascinated by its looks now,it somehow remained as a museum of social architecture and the way of how people lived there back 30 years for it is untouched. As well it is called ghost town,"completly" deserted. I wish to visit it sometime and feel the atmosphere myself. Some of you might find the music unfitting but I choose it for one specific reason. It is quite artistic I have no other explanation lol no pun intended what so ever. Just check out Aggrotech,industrial iconography and music and what is it all about you will understand. Music: Vibe Tribe - Carousel (psy trance)