Pirogovo – Museum Of Folk Architecture And Life – Kiev, Ukraine

http://www.visitkievukraine.com/attractions/folk.htm This large open air museum is situated on the outskirts of Kiev and is home to over 300 pieces of authentic Ukrainian folk buildings. They are gathered in a collection of villages, each depicting a different region of Ukraine. Visitors are free to roam around Pirogovo and many of the buildings are open. Actors roam the village dressed as peasants, musicians, and craftsmen. Traditional Ukrainian food is served at a variety of restaurants. This video shows many of the sights at Pirogovo including: 0:28 -- Some of the many windmills at the museum 0:41 -- Traditional Ukrainian cottage 1:05 -- Beehives 1:41 -- Archery lessons 1:52 -- Pottery lessons and demonstration 2:35 -- Souvenir stall 2:40 -- Musician Shot with a Panasonic TM700 video camera and edited with Sony Vegas and Magic Bullet.