Odessa Jewish Heritage 1905 Pogrom Memorial in The Jewish Cemetery

http://www.TravelsWithSheila.com The first pogrom against the Jews took place in 1871 in the Greek Orothodox Church area. Jews knew better than to be in an area around Easter time and would avoid any gentile areas or churches. However, an erroneous rumor was spread that Jews were holding a gentile captive in a basement somewhere and the Pogrom began. This was the first time that Jews were beaten nonstop for five days without authorities stepping in and financial losses were great. This was also the first time that Jews realized that they were not welcome here. Pogroms are always driven by economic reasons: substitute whatever minority that a person feels is to blame for all the problems taking place in society. "Genocide" is another name for "Pogroms" - just kill whomever you think is to blame for your woes. Sound familiar?