Mad Heads XL/ [Мед Хедс] – [Complete Concert] @ Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival 2011

Discover and Explore THE LINKS BELOW... THANK YOU Welcoming "Mad Heads XL" [Мед Хедс] to Dauphin, Manitoba *Canada's National Ukrainian Festival * (CNUF) - 2011 Mad Heads XL - УкраїнSKA / UkrainSKA Вітаємо - "Mad Heads XL" [Мед Хедс] - до Давфіну, Манітоба. Канада.!/madheadsxl Мед Хедс провів глобальну репетицію перед великим європейським туром WELCOME TO DAUPHIN ВІТАЄМО ДО ДАВФІНУ Canada's National Ukrainian Festival (CNUF) - 46th - July 31, 2011 - Dauphin, Manitoba 46 - ий. Канадсько Український Національний Фестиваль - 2011 - Давфін, Манітоба. Канада. The band MAD HEADS XL was unleashed in February 2004 as the new incarnation of the famous Ukrainian trio Mad Heads. The guitar, the double bass and the drums were enforced with a powerful brass section and the wild rock 'n roll drive was enriched with new musical influences, among the most notable elements were ska, reggae and Ukrainian folk. The living philosophy of MAD HEADS XL was explained for the first time in the song "Nadiya Yea" (There is a hope), which became one of the biggest Ukrainian hits of 2005. Radio stations kept it on high rotation for more than 27 weeks, the bright and sunny video for this song became a regular on TV screens...all of this was just a sign of the people's love and appreciation for this song. More positive songs were soon to follow and become national favourites; self penned "Pisnya Svitla"(The song of light) and "Avtobus Buratin" (The bus of Buratinos), as well as covers of the international hit "Don't worry be happy" and national hit "Smereka". 2007 began with new studio sessions; two new tracks were soon to become widely recognized. The ballad "Naykrascha Myt" (The best moment) was the most romantic of all the love songs the band had ever written. The next single "A Ya Na Mori" (I'm at the sea), which was naturally released in summer time, made a new record as it topped the airplay chart. While constantly touring, MAD HEADS XL kept working hard in the studio. The album "Forever" was released in June 2008 and contained 14 new songs filled with the boiling energy, unbreakable optimism and the philosophic depth that the band has become known for. April 2011 is the date for the Ukrainian release of the new album "UkrainSKA" with the single "Chorni Ochka" being the first song to hit on radio stations all over Ukraine. MAD HEADS XL's great live perfromances turn any concert into an unforgettable show, making the audience part of it whether it's a small club or a huge open air event with thousands of people!