Lvov Krakow new night train 1

The Polish railway PKP and the Ukrainian railways UZ has in the summer of 2009 commissioned a new night train (UZ train no. 35/36), so far travelling Wroclaw-Krakow-Lvov (Lviv). Every other day the train consists of Polish wagons and Ukrainian wagons. The video features a new Ukrainian sleeper (2. class) car. The train is equipped with a new version of the SUW 2000 boogie system, allowing for a speedy change between standard the European gauge with and the East European broad gauge. In about 30 minutes the wheels changes position on the axels and are then locked in the new position. Together with somewhat simplified border control - still both Polish and Ukrainian officials bother you at night, but not for several hours as used to be the fact - the SUW 2000 system allows the train to travel Krakow-Lvov in 6,5 hours - compared to the traditional 9 hour ride, involving exchange of boogies. A pity though that the new wagons with suw2000 is used for the night train where you want to sleep a bit longer and not on the day train where you want to get to your destination fast. The short over night travel would be less of a problem, yes it could actually be turned into an advantage if the wagons where attached to connecting trains in both "ends" enabling direct travel not only Wroclaw-Krakow-Lvov-Kiev, but also Prague-Krakow-Lvov-Kiev, Warsaw-Lvov-Odessa and Warsaw-Lvov-Kiev, but that remains wishful thinking at this point.