It’s a Long Way to Tipperary (Euro 2012 Ukraine Remix)

To celebrate the carnival atmosphere of Euro 2012 Ukrainian pop star El Kravchuk has recorded a special centenary version of the celebrated British marching song 'It's a long way to Tipperary', which was first performed in 1912. Adapted specially for Euro 2012, this latest incarnation of the famous song pays tribute to Ukraine's ladies while saluting the hundreds of thousands of international fans who have made the trip to Ukraine this summer. El Kravchuk hopes his adaptation of this legendary British tune -- which was produced with the help of Kiev-based British expat Peter Dickinson - will reflect the spirit of warmth and international joviality in which the Euro 2012 championships have taken place.LYRICS: Far away from Wembley and the land of Dixie Dean, Lies a country quite unique, the strangest I have seen. Harried by the Nazis, and the Commies, and the Tsar, But when it comes to pretty girls, they've got the best by far!!!CHORUS: It's a long way, to UKRAINA! It's a long way, to go. It's a long way, to UKRAINA! To the sweetest girls I know. So goodbye, Man United, Farewell, Lineker! It's a long, long way to UKRAINA, But my heart lies there.Song copyright: Peter Dickinson 2012 (all rights reserved)Video footage shot on location in Kiev, Ukraine during Euro 2012. Courtesy of Jewish News One (