Independence Square (Maidan Nezalezhnosti), Kyiv, Ukraine

Kyiv's central square has undergone major changes in recent years, both above and below ground. The square is locally referred to as "The Big Greenhouse." That's not a botanical compliment but rather an indictment of the Globus Shopping Centre's glassy domes. Throughout Soviet times, October Revolution Square, as it was known, featured a daunting Lenin statue. Despite the seemingly constant modifications, Maidan has been the city's epicentre for generations. In 2004, it gained world notoriety for staging the events of the Orange Revolution. Images of the square circulated the globe for weeks as Ukrainians from all walks of life changed/delayed the course of Ukrainian history. As you walk on Maidan, imagine the entire square and surrounding streets filled by a determined yet jubilant orange mob. © Kyiv In Your Pocket