HalynaMyroslava”Waltz”/ ГалинаМирослава”Вальс”

To those who love my dear Lviv ( West Ukraine). The pictures of Lviv. My special present to Barbara (idreamofwolfkisses) *** On December 05, 1998, during the 22nd Session of the World Heritage Committee in Kyoto (Japan), Lviv was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The UNESCO gave the following reasons for its selection: Criterion ii: In its urban fabric and its architecture, Lviv is an outstanding example of the fusion of the architectural and artistic traditions of eastern Europe with those of Italy and Germany. Criterion v: The political and commercial role of Lviv attracted to it a number of ethnic groups with different cultural and religious traditions, who established separate yet interdependent communities within the city, evidence for which is still discernible in the modern townscape.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Town_(Lviv) Inventions made in Lviv: kerosene (Ignatius Lukasevich, Jan Zeh, 1853) the world's first kerosene lamp (1853) husky fever vaccine (Rudolf Weigl, 1928) Functional Analysis (Stefan Banach) the world's first balloon with liquid fuels (1784) the world's first successful operation for gastric ulcer (1881) ---------------- Halyna Myroslava "Waltz´ Галина Мирослава "Вальс ¨"