Grand Annual Antique Salon Exhibition Held in Kyiv, Ukraine

For more news & videos visit ☛ In the Ukrainian city of Kyiv, an exhibition of ancient art is on display. Our correspondents in Kyiv show us some of the antiquities you'll find there. A grand antique salon opens in Kyiv and leading Ukrainian museums are presenting masterpieces of sacred art and unique exhibits. It's the third time this event has been held here. Here you'll mainly find antique furniture and clocks from the 18th and 19th centuries. A tortoise-shell exhibit by master French cabinetmaker Andre Charles Boulle is one of the most valuable pieces. [Igor Kazachenko, Antique Gallery Owner]: "This was cut by the master, he laid wood, turtle, brass, bronze, copper or something else, then sawed it with a fine file, like a string, laid and glued." This clock once graced an 18th century French castle and still shows the exact time. The whole mechanism was handmade by the best craftsmen of the time. Ancient Eastern sculptures like this Indian Bodhisattva statue, featuring long hair with a pronounced torso show the influence of the Greco-Roman empire. [Julia Goncharuk, Co-owner, Oriental Deco Salon]: "In the 2nd century BC when Alexander of Macedonia went to Asia and captured these regions, the style and the image moved from Rome to India." This horse is 1,200 years old. It was found in a tomb dating back to China's Tang Dynasty and personifies the strength and firmness of that era. [Julia Goncharuk, Co-owner, Oriental Deco Salon]: "Tang Dynasty - an era of prosperity in China. A time of tremendous economic growth and power, a time when art developed a lot." Visitors appreciate the ancient masterpieces of both the East and West. [Unidentified]: "Very pleased, very pleased... so much beauty." [Unidentified]: "Very nice furniture, very beautiful pictures, a very wide range to suit every taste, any direction." The exhibition runs through Sunday. NTD News, Kyiv, Ukraine.