Gorodetsky House | House With Chimeras | Kiev, Kyiv, Ukraine

http://www.visitkievukraine.com/attractions/gorodetsky-house.htm Gorodetsky House (also known as the House with Chimeras) is one of the most unusual buildings in Kiev, Ukraine. Situated on Bankova Street, the Art Nouveau building is decorated with wild and exotic creatures, reflecting the passion for hunting of its architect; Vladislav Gorodetsky. This video shows Gorodetsky House and Bankova Street in Kiev: 0:08 -- Bankova Street, outside the building of the National Union of Writers of Ukraine 0:15 -- Bankova Street -- office of the President of Ukraine on the left, House with Chimeras on the right 0:19 -- House with Chimeras/Gorodetsky House 0:26 -- Close-up of roof of Gorodestsky House showing frogs and mermaids 0:32 -- Main entrance to Gorodestksy House 0:41 -- Looking down Bankova Street towards Instytutska Street