Golden Gates, Kiev, Ukraine The Golden Gates is a fortification that was part of the ancient city walls of Kiev. It was built in the 11th century by Yaroslav the Wise, Grand Prince of Kiev, but subsequently fell into disrepair and was buried underground. This video was shot around the Golden Gates. It shows: 0:07 -- View of the area around the entrance to Zoloti Vorota Metro Station 0:10 -- The pavilion built over the ruins of the Golden Gates 0:33 -- Ticket office for entrance to the Golden Gates and museum 0:36 -- Interior of the Golden Gates 0:46 -- View of Zolotovoritska and the Golden Gate Irish Pub 0:51 -- Bronze statue of Yaroslav the Wise 0:59 -- Wooden carving on Zolotovoritska 1:14 -- Bronze statue of the cat Pantyusha 1:49 -- Entrance to Zoloti Vorota Metro Station 1.55 -- Summer café at the Golden Gates