Funicular Railway | Train In Kiev, Ukraine | Tilt Shift's Funicular Railway opened in 1905 and connects the Upper Town to the lower neighbourhood of Podil.A great way to experience it is to walk down Andrew's Descent, taking in all its sights and attractions and then catch the funicular back up the steep incline to the city. You'll exit close to St Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery.This video shows:0:08 - the Church of the Nativity of Christ at Poshtova Ploscha (Postal Square), opposite the lower station in Podil 0:11 -- the entrance to the lower station 0:14 -- a car arriving at the lower station and passengers exiting 0:31 -- view from the driver's cabin going up the hill (with tilt shift effect added) 0:46 -- view of a car approaching -- taken from the platform of the upper station 1:05 -- car entering the upper station -- view from the driver's cabin