EuroFest 2012 – Serbia Dance w/ Mlada Srbadija, Canada Multiculturalism

Cruz de Cristo - Tamburica Orchestra - It is Canada's Multiculturalism at work. A Serbian dance performed by the Mlada Srbadija & Vuk Karadzic of Vancouver BC, Canada. The EuroFest BC 2012 is a pan-European cultural event that highlighted many of the smaller European countries such as Slovakia, Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Armenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Switzerland, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan together with Russia, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany and England. Performed on the main stage at the Swanguard Stadium in Burnaby, BC (right next the city of Vancouver) are many dance group and singers from these nations. Thousands showed up to enjoy the festivities organized by the EuroFest BC Society on May 26, 2012. [A Video by Ray Van Eng -- V21 Media | ]