Euro 2012 soccer promo Switch on Ukraine – Unravel Travel TV

TV advertising video clip "Switch on Ukraine" for broadcast by all major European TV channels as part of the Ukraine's promotional campaign for EURO 2012 soccer event.The TV advertising clip "Switch on Ukraine" was created in order to form a positive image for our country for EURO 2012. The clip has been created by the Shootgroup production studio (Ukrainian director Yulian Ulybin and German cameraman Torsten Lipstock).Promo clip director Yulian Ulybin said that its story is based on the arrival of foreigners in Ukraine; they saw our country with their own eyes and opened it for themselves: a new, undiscovered, but modern country. "The clip 'Switch on Ukraine' is a jump into our country's unforgettable fairytale world. Nothing of this kind had ever been created in the promotion of Ukraine abroad until now. Ukraine's location, with its magnificent natural landscapes, history and architectural heritage, traditions and mysteries of the Ukrainian people are known to very few people in the world. We want to present our country in Europe in the best possible way. This is extraordinary experience for us," Mr Ulybin said.The clip lasts for 90 seconds. There are also short versions of it - 60 and 30 seconds long. All these video clips will be broadcast on the European TV channels Euronews, Eurosport and BBC.Unravel Travel TV