Egypt Awaits More Ukraine Tourists

For more news visit ☛ Follow us on Twitter ☛ Add us on Facebook ☛ Egypt gained democracy but lost tourists, and dollars. Today, as the country recovers, the tourism industry has set very attractive prices for vacationers. And they are coming, mostly from Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States - CIS. Are Ukrainians thinking of going to the Egyptian Red Sea coast? Our correspondents from Kiev has the details. Egypt's tourist industry has suffered losses of 1 billion 600 thousand dollars as a result of the revolution. But now some tourism is returning to normal. Since mid-February Germany, Norway, Holland and other countries resumed flights there. In late February tourists from Ukraine flocked in Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh. However, local hotels are still only a quarter full. [Yasser Atef, Ambassador of Egypt in Ukraine]: "In Egypt, the tourist season has already begun. The water is very warm, very warm, the weather is beautiful. But there are fewer tourists than usual." Egypt assures: there is no danger to tourists. [Yasser Atef, Ambassador of Egypt in Ukraine]: "The Egyptian government will make every effort to ensure the security and tranquility to all visitors, including Ukrainians, who visit Egypt. I want to emphasize that those events are not affecting tourist places." In December, the number of tourists from Ukraine reached 50 thousand, making them 5th top visitors to Egypt. Tour operators predict that in about a month the number of Ukrainian tourists in Egypt will return to the usual December numbers. [Oleg Rafalovich, Tourism Manager "Horizont Group"]: "First of all, hotels have lowered costs for their services. For example, the Tiran Hotel in Sharm el-Sheikh: in January, the 2-person, 7 night package was worth 2,000 dollars, now it's half the price - a thousand. Airport fees are also reduced by 50%." Ukrainian tourists are already thinking about their next trip to Egypt. (female, Russian) "I think I will not go in the summer, because the trip will be very expensive. In the fall I think I might go to Turkey or Egypt." (reporter)"And you are not afraid to go to Egypt?" "I think, I am not. I even hope that maybe tours will be a little cheaper."" (female, Russian) "In summer I go, to Crimea, but I would like to go to Egypt." (reporter)"And you are not afraid of the unrest there?" "I think we can no longer be afraid. The time has already passed, so, looks like everything has calmed down." 14 million tourists from around the world visit Egypt annually. Tourism is the main source of the economy, which brought in $13 billion last year. The sector employs one out of every seven Egyptians. NTD News, Kiev, Ukraine