CB And Amateur Radio:USA & Ukraine Heard From Carrick Hills, Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland (12nov2010)

Climbing more easy hills with my friend today (we parked a couple of hundred feet from the top again!). The Carrick Hills overlook Ayr, Alloway and Dunure on the southwest coast of Scotland. They are visible from most parts of Ayrshire. The conditions on 10m (28-29mhz) and 11m (27mhz) are still good with strong signals being heard from across the Atlantic well into the hours of darkness, the sun setting at approximatley 4:15pm (GMT) local time today. The videos from today were recorded between 3pm and 3:35pm (GMT) local time. The Clip starts off with some unidentified CB operators within the United States. The Second part of the clip is a radio amateur, KB0EO, Dan from Minnesota in the United States as he finishes a conversation with US5NMU, Igor from Vinnitsa in the Ukraine. Dan speaks to other stations after that but we can't hear them. Both operators have very strong signals, and bear in mind that the antenna on top of the THF-7E is not designed to transmit or recieve on the frequencies recieved in this video. Imagine how strong they would be with a resonant antenna. Interestingly, nothing was heard on 2 meters or 70cm, the bands on which the Kenwood transmits. Not even from the elevated hight seen in the video clip The equipment used for recieving is a Kenwood THF7-E, a 2m/70cm Transciever which has a wideband scanner with all modes recieve on all frequencies. The antenna is a Superod 2, a 5/8 wave 2m & also a 6m antenna. The video was recorded using a Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ9 on WVGA mode