CARPATHIAN TOURS Ukraine shares: 12/05/2012 Bikeparade Lviv ‘Without Borders’.mp4

Lviv is Ukraine's cultural capital and one of the EURO 2012 soccer-cities. A beautiful city in Eastern-Europe with an unexpectedly lively society, a wide variety of pubs and good restaurants, impressive historic architecture (UNESCO), great nature and a creative and friendly population. Lviv is also the first Ukrainian city to have a progressive and functioning mobility-policy! Cycling plays an important role in these policy-developments. However, maybe even more energy and ideas comes from so-called cyclists' associations. Only in the spring and summer of 2012 there are many Cycling-Days and competitions organised. This video contains some images of the 'Lviv Bikeparade Without Borders' in which approximately 160 people participated. A great event and potential for growth! For more information about Ukraine but Lviv and the Carpathian mountains specifically, check-out