BLACK SEA RUN 2O12 – Budapest to KaZantip

The 2012 Black Sea Run kicks off from Budapest Hungary and ends two weeks later in Ukraine on the Black Sea at the world's wildest dance party/music festival, KAZANTIP! Setting off from Budapest, the first stop was Pag Croatia and the world famous ZRCE Beach for a raging beach party and clubs that keep going till the sun comes up. From there, exploring Dubrovnik and the city walls are the gem of Croatia before head south through Bosnia to the next destination.. Budva Montenegro.. another great Adriatic party spot. After that, the teams head east through Albania to Mecadonia for Armen Van Buren and the Green Beach Music Festival. Then, onto Sofia and Bulgaria's nicest beach resort of Varna. After that, the route takes teams though Moldova and into the Ukraine. Odessa is the last stop before the teams arrive at the finish line.. the Republic of KaZantip and the worlds best party on the Black Sea! You may choose to follow the official route or one of the two alternative routes found here, or you may choose to burn the maps and fly by the seat of your pants. Depending on your route, it should take roughly two weeks from start to finish. Delays and breakdowns do happen so there is a two- to three-day grace period before we call in the search party! And remember, getting to the finish line first doesn't make you a winner. The winners are the teams that find a way to fit fifteen supermodels and a one-eyed dog in the front seat of their car!