(3) Adolf Hitler`s Headquarters Werwolf, Water Pool, Ruins (Vinnytsya, Ukraine) www.sergoyalta.at.ua

Private guide in Ukraine Sergey Tsarapora http://sergoyalta.at.ua Guided Tours, Excursions, Transfers in Ukraine and Crimea.Führerhauptquartier Werwolf was the codename of one of Adolf Hitler's WW2 Eastern Front military headquarters. It was located in an oak forest about 12 kilometers (7.5 mi) north of Vinnytsya in Central Ukraine. It was used in 1942-1943. It was one of a number of Führer Headquarters throughout Europe, and the most easterly ever used by Hitler in person. As we know, he used it 3 times. In 1942 he spent here about 100 days.Hitler's accommodation at Werwolf consisted of a wooden house (cottage), a private courtyard and its own concrete bunker. The rest of the complex consisted of about 20 wooden cottages and barracks, and several conсrete bunkers (for guests, Nazi leaders, security). As we know, there was a tea house, a barber shop, a bathhouse, a sauna, a cinema and even an open water pool. Hitler never once swam in it (according to other information it was for the fire safety). Also was a vegetable garden under the control of the German agricultural company Zeidenspiner (for a secure supply of food for Hitler). Two artesian wells supplied the site with water, and the site had its own power generation facilities (according to other information the water was pumped from South Bug river).As we know, just on several hundred meters from Hitler`s personal cottage on the agriculture field, was constructed the special airfield for very small personal Hitler`s airplane (for his fast evacuation if necessary to the nearest German military air base in Kalynivka town, about 20 km). The special underground phone and telegraph cable was laid to that town.