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    The Zhytomyr Oblast is located to the northern side of Ukraine and was founded in on 22 September 1937. The Zhytomyr Oblast covers an area of approximately 30 000 square kilometers and has an estimated population of 1.3 million residents. Some parts of the Zhytomyr Oblast falls within the Chernobyl Zone. Villages and small towns within this area have been devastated by the effects of the ...

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    The city of Berdychiv is a quaint city in the Zhytomyr Oblast that has an extremely interesting past. The exact date as to when the city was founded is mere speculation, and how its name came about can only be guessed. In all honesty, Berdychiv's establishment is shrouded in mystery, and scientists and historians have been able to piece some of this fascinating puzzle together.

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    The city of Korosten is located on the banks of the Uzh River in the Zhytomyr Oblast. At present, its population is estimated at 70 000 residents. It is a city with a past filled with destruction and turbulence. Korosten has learned that survival means to rebuild and start over, and this city in the Zhytomyr Oblast has done it more times than it cares to remember.

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    The city of Zhytomyr is the capital of the Zhytomyr Oblast. Zhytomyr covers an area of approximately 65 square kilometers and has an estimated population of 280 000 residents. It is a part of the Zhytomyr Oblast which has a history extending back to the ice age. Not only is it a significant transportation center that links the region to Kiev, but it holds important links to Ukraine’s ...

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    Malyn, also spelled Malin, is a small city located in the Zhytomyr Oblast. It has an estimated population of 28 000 residents and lies 150 kilometers outside of Kiev. One of its greatest responsibilities is that Malyn is home to a monitoring station for seismic activity. It might sound like a trivial job, but it was not set up to measure the vibrations in the earth, but rather to monitor ...