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    Vinnytsya Oblast

    The oblast of Vinnytsya takes up an area of 26.5 thousand square kilometers and is located in the center of the Ukraine. Vinnytsya was first formed in 1932 and is now made up of twenty-seven districts, seventeen cities, 1467 villages and thirty urban style settlements. Vinnytsya, Bar, Haisyn, Koziatyn, Nemyriv and Yampil are some of the largest cities in the Vinnytsya oblast.

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    Vinnytsya is one of 25 oblasts situated in the central part of Ukraine covering an area of about 16 thousand sq. miles. Lithuanian Prince Olgert founded the Vinnitsya oblast on the banks of the Southern Bug river in 1363. Bar is a delightful town in the Vinnitsya region.

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    The city of Koziatyn is a relatively small city, with a mere population of approximately 26 000 residents. It is located in the Vinnytsya Oblast of Ukraine, which is almost 150 kilometers away from Kiev. It is also an administrative center and has a designated district within the Vinnytsya oblast. The capital city of the region is Vinnytsya and is approximately 70 kilometers from ...

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    The small city of Nemyriv was built over Myriv, a settlement from the ancient Scythian times. It is located in the Vinnytsya Oblast, which lies in the western region of Ukraine. It also serves as an administrative center for the district of Nemyrivsky and has a mere population of approximately 10 000 residents. The city as it is known today, was only mentioned in the year 1506, for ...

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    Near the banks of the Rusava river lies a town by the name of Tomashpil, or Tomashpol. It falls under the Vinnytsya Oblast and has an estimated population of approximately 6 000 residents. The town's name, when translated directly, means ‘the city of St. Thomas’, and it is also the Tomashpil district's administration sector. The district has many smaller villages that are located ...

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    History shows that Prince Algirdas of Lithuania discovered Vinnytsya in 1363. Today, Vinnytsya is major agricultural area where fertilizers are produced. In addition to this, they are also known for their production of electronics, agricultural equipment, light engineering, clothing and footwear industries. Sugar production in Vinnytsya is also a major production. The Bershad sugar factory ...

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    Just west of the center of Ukraine you will find the stunning Vinnytsya Oblast. Within the region there are 17 cities, 30 towns and 1 467 villages. Many of these towns and cities are more than 600 years old, giving the area and incredible sense of history. One noteworthy city in the Vinnytsya Oblast is that of Yampil. With a population of roughly 12 000 people, few would think of Yampil as ...