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  • Museums

    National Art

    The National Art Museum of Ukraine, or as it was once called, the City Museum of Antiques and Art, is located in the capital city of Kiev. It was established in 1897 after Bohdan Khanenko, a patron of art, began collecting money and pieces of art in an attempt to start the first museum in the country. Interestingly when the Museum was first opened it collected National Ethnographical applied ...

  • Art Galleries

    Artist Union

    Art is a language easily understood by all individuals who appreciate true talent and creativity.

  • Castles

    Mariyinsky Palace

    Completed in 1752, the majestic Mariyinsky Palace stands on a hilly bank alongside the Dnieper River in Kiev, Ukraine. This superb example of Baroque architecture serves as the official ceremonial residence of the President of Ukraine and is located alongside the Verkhovna Rada parliament neo-classical style building.

  • Art Galleries

    Aquarel Art Gallery

    There are a number of excellent art galleries in Ukraine, many of which can be found in Kiev. The Aquarel Gallery is no exception and takes every effort to ensure that exhibitions and artworks provide visitors with exposure to the best collections possible. These collections may feature artwork by Ukrainian artists, Russian artists or American artists and they may cover any particular art ...

  • Art Galleries

    Gallery 36

    There are many excellent art galleries in Ukraine that are worth visiting. Kiev is a city of culture and life and you should certainly take the time to browse at least one or two art galleries while you visiting this magnificent city. However, making that choice may not be quite so easy since there really is a huge variety of art galleries in Ukraine to choose from. Usually, the best way to ...

  • Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast


    There are few small cities in Ukraine more worth visiting than Kosiv. Situated in the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast of western Ukraine, this fascinating little city is well over 500 years old. Today, the city is well noted for being a place of natural beauty and incredible craftsmanship. But it certainly wasn’t always this way. Nestled in the midst of the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains, this ...