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  • New Singers

    Ukraine boasts of talented singers and their number is growing every day. Of course, not all of them gain the hearts of listeners, but there are those whose songs are played on all radio stations, clips are shown on all channels, and tickets for concerts are being sold in a couple of minutes. Among such performers, Jamala, Monatik, Kuzma Scriabin, Svetlana Loboda, Max Barsky, Potap and Tina ...

  • Musical TV shows

    In our time, music TV shows are gaining increasing popularity. For TV viewers, this is a great way to relax, and for participants - to show what they can do, compete with strong opponents and eventually win good prizes. Although, in some cases, even winning is not required. Many worthy competitors are noticed by producers or successful singers and are offered to sign contracts with them.

  • Carols and Shchedrivky Songs

    In the article on folk music, we told about the fact that the carols and shchedrivky songs still have not lost their popularity among Ukrainians. They both continue to be sung on New Year's Eve and Christmas, and also Ukrainians come up with new musical adaptations for old folk motifs. Such songs are performed by pop singers as well, both in their original form and in the modern one.

  • Television

    Ukraine has a large audiovisual offering. With some 322 TV broadcasting stations and 590 cable TV companies in the Ukraine there is certainly no shortage of things to watch. Ukraine's three chief TV channels are “Inter”, “1+1” and “UT-1”. These three channels receive about 90% of profits brought in by advertising and are thus the most developed. Other channels that benefit from advertising ...