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    Lviv Suburban Station

    Both the Lviv Rail Terminal and the Lviv Suburban Train Station are located near the subway. This makes transport in Lviv easily accessible and provides locals and travelers with more transportation and destination options. Over and above the railways, Lviv also has taxis, busses and trams available throughout the city, but the railway lines remain the most popular form of transport.

  • Train Stations

    Lviv Rail Terminal

    The Lviv Rail Terminal is where you can make use of the trains that travel across borders to destinations including Poland, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Byelorussia and Slovenia. Lviv used to be known as Lemberg and it was during this time that the need for a larger and more modern railway station became clear. The old railway station that had been used was constructed between the years 1861 ...

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    Kiev Rail Terminal

    The Kiev Rail Terminal or Kiev Passenger Railway Station has become an important part of the Kiev transportation network within the city. It is significant as it accommodates long distance travel, international travel and has the Elekrichka trains available to reach short distance destinations. It was constructed due to the Kiev-Balta and the Kiev-Kursk railway lines being built. ...

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    Train Stations

    Visitors to Ukraine have quickly discovered that the some 22 800 kilometers of railway network in the country is one of the best ways to travel. Not only is traveling by train in Ukraine inexpensive, but it is fast and reliable. In addition, you will find that almost every city, town and village can be reached by rail but not by air, whereas traveling by bus can be time consuming. Air travel ...