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    Crimea Region

    Crimea in Ukraine has changed rulers and occupiers so many times most would have lost count by now. But the continuous fight for Crimea has led to this peninsula having the richest and most diverse history of any other destination in Ukraine. Here visitors will hear the stories of the Goths, Cimmerians, Mongols, Greeks, Huns and Iranians, who have all left their mark on Crimea. ...

  • Crimea Region


    The town of Sudak and Noviy Svet are approximately seven kilometers apart, and together they have enough sights and activities to keep the entire family entertained. Visitors will be welcomed by friendly locals, but be warned, Russian is the more popular language here and not many of the residents speak English. Many Ukrainian families flock to this Crimean coastal resort town for ...

  • Crimea Region

    Noviy Svet

    Near the coastal town of Sudak, lies the beautiful town of Noviy Svet. It is safely tucked away in a small cove and offers visitors the privacy and seclusion that so many seek. Even though accommodation is very scarce here, many local inhabitants of Noviy Svet will gladly provide visitors with a comfortable bed and a taste of local life. The breathtaking views of the bay and ...