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  • Religious Sites

    Religion has always been an important feature in the lives of Ukrainians. For centuries religious traditions have featured in local culture and this is certainly evidenced by the many religious sites in Ukraine. Churches, cathedrals, monasteries, synagogues and other religious sites are popular attractions for tourists visiting the country. From architectural wonders to more humble places of ...

  • Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

    The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, in Yalta, is one of many such named cathedrals. A number of cathedrals with the name 'Alexander Nevsky' were built in countries like Ukraine, Israel and Russia. These buildings were built during the rule of either Alexander II or Alexander III of Russia to celebrate them as leaders. The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral situated in Yalta, a beautiful seaside resort, ...

  • Kiev Pechersk Lavra

    The Kiev Pechersk Lavra Monastery is a complex that is made up from various fascinating buildings and sights. These diverse memories of the past all carry the strong architectural signature of the Ukrainian Baroque construction style and form a network of beautiful and spectacular structures. The monastery and surrounding complex is also known as the Calvin Cave Monastery.

  • St. Andrew's Cathedral

    The Cathedral of Saint Andrew or the St. Andrew's Church can be found situated in the city of Kiev, in Podil, one of its oldest neighborhoods. Bartolomeo Rastrelli, a Russian imperial architect, built this beautiful building during the mid-eighteenth century under the command of Catherine the Great.

  • St George Cathedral

    Located on St. George Hill, over-looking the city of Lviv, the church was the perfect target for destruction in the past. At least two versions of the St. George Cathedral were built before the final construction of the church as it is seen today. The Cathedral of St. George became the mother congregation of the Greek-Catholic religion in Ukraine.

  • St. Sophia’s Cathedral

    St. Sophia’s Cathedral is not only the oldest cathedral in Kiev, but by far the most spectacular. It is visited by hundreds of tourists each year and is known as one of the popular attractions in Kiev. Admission to the Cathedral of St. Sophia must be paid for at the entrance, but your ticket opens up an experience that is not limited to the cathedral. Inside the gates waits a breathtaking ...

  • Uspensky Cave Monastery

    Crimea is a region in Ukraine, which is located near the northern coastline of the Black Sea. Crimea's landscape is made up mostly of semiarid grasslands that are enhanced by the magnificent Crimean Mountain range in the background. Another spectacular feature that can be found within Crimea is the unusual Uspensky Cave Monastery.

  • St. Nicholas Cathedral

    The St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Cathedral has always been regarded as the second most important Roman Catholic Cathedral in the city of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. It was during the period of 1899 to 1909 that it was constructed in the Gothic style you see today. However, its origins were from the twelfth century and it was designed in what was known commonly during those times as “the ...

  • Uzhgorod Synagogue

    The Byzantine architectural style developed during the 19th century. Its distinct characteristics relate typically to the multi-colored artwork and ornate style of architecture used in a religious form. During the same era, in the mid-19th century, another style was beginning to develop since its first appearance in the 8th and 16th century where it was made popular in Spain and termed ...