Tag: pop

  • New Singers

    Ukraine boasts of talented singers and their number is growing every day. Of course, not all of them gain the hearts of listeners, but there are those whose songs are played on all radio stations, clips are shown on all channels, and tickets for concerts are being sold in a couple of minutes. Among such performers, Jamala, Monatik, Kuzma Scriabin, Svetlana Loboda, Max Barsky, Potap and Tina ...

  • Music Bands

    Equally with the famous singers, music bands are gaining more and more popularity. A group always consists of different participants, has a mix of voices and images, usually, this is an interesting show on stage and in clips and an even greater number of fans.

  • Music Festivals

    They say that music festivals are a little life. One cannot but agree with this expression. At festivals everything is different, people feel freer, music plays louder, food seems tastier, and drinks are sweeter. At festivals, the body rests, moving to the music of your favorite performers and DJs, and the soul rests because this is the way to have fun, spend time with old friends and make ...