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  • Voznesensk

    The city of Voznesensk (or Wosnessensk) is situated in the Mykolaiv Oblast, which is located in the southern regions of Ukraine. Jewish settlers first founded Voznesensk in the 19th century. These Jewish settlers had migrated all the way from the northwestern parts of Russia into their neighboring country, Ukraine. At that time thousands of Jews were leaving Russia and heading to the "New ...

  • Mykolayiv Oblast

    Located in the southern half of Ukraine, the Mykolayiv Oblast is relatively small compared to other regions. Despite the fact that the region is incredibly beautiful, there are relatively few noteworthy towns and cities to be found here. Perhaps the most noteworthy city is the administrative center of the region, Mykolayiv. The region is sometimes also referred to as the Mykolaiv Oblast.

  • Mykolayiv

    Mykolaiv was originally founded in 1789 by Novorossiya Knyaz Potemkin, the Russian Governor General at the time. Initially it was to act as a naval base and shipyard known simply as the “New Shipyard on the Ingul River”. Later it was renamed in commemoration of the day Ochakov was captured by the Russian troops on December 6 of 1788, just thirteen days before the day of Saint Nicholas. This ...