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    If you have enjoyed participating in our forums thus far, why not take the plunge and get more involved? is inviting all interested persons to become forum moderators for this website. The best part is that no special qualifications are necessary! All you need is the time, the desire to help keep the website in tip-top shape, and reasonably good literary skills. ...

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    Between the covers: exploring Ukraine by bookUkrainians, both native born and by genetic extraction, have a deep-seated commitment to exploring their country on the printed page. Reflections from authors comprising the Ukrainian diaspora internationally can introduce intrepid travelers to a world before their arrival in this dynamic country. A very small, but exciting sampling of books ...

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    As with most European countries, Ukraine has a well established literary community. In the past many stories where likely passed on by word of mouth until they were eventually committed to written form. As a result, many old Ukrainian fables and stories abound in printed Ukrainian literature today. Besides this, the 20th century has seen the emergence of several well-liked writers and poets ...

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    Ivan Franko Literary

    Ivan Franko, born in 1856, became what could be regarded as the first Ukrainian journalist of his time. It was his steadfast beliefs and determination that won him much respect from both locals as well as people from abroad during and after his passing on the 28th of May 1916.

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    Ivan Franko

    The Ivan Franko Theater of Opera and Ballet is located in the city of Lviv, in the Lviv Oblast of Ukraine. Named in honor of Ukrainian poet, journalist, writer, literary critic, economist and political activist, Ivan Yakovych Franko, the Ivan Franko Theater of Opera and Ballet reflects the deep sense of appreciation citizens of this fascinating country have for their cultural heritage. ...