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    Religion and Churches

    As with most European countries, Ukrainians were originally a pagan nation of idol worshippers. In 988 AD, Prince Vladimir the Great of Kiev accepted Orthodox Christianity and brought the entire country under the influence of the Byzantine Empire. The period was characterized by mass baptisms when many of the Prince’s subjects converted to Christianity. Despite changes over the past 1000 ...

  • Kiev Oblast


    The city of Tarascha is located in the Kyiv Oblast, and was under the Cossack rule for many years. Its turbulent years did not end with the fall of Cossacks, as it saw many acts of violence and hate in the years that followed. It is a town that usually got caught up in the battles that swept across the Kyiv Region, suffering heavy losses and destruction. Fortunately, Tarascha is still ...

  • Ternopil Oblast


    Shumsk was a Jewish city in every sense of the word. Its inheritance was that of a rich culture through which tradition and strong beliefs dominated. During the 1897 ‘All Russian Census’ it was estimated that the Shumsk population stood at 2,258, of which 1,962 were Jews, making up a total of 87%. This was a staggering dominance in comparison to the residual 13% made up by a mixture of ...