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  • National Parks and Reserves

    Roztochchya Reserve

    Many people do not realize just how beautiful Ukraine is until they are shown some travel brochures for the first time. Suddenly this beautiful country comes alive to them and they become enchanted with the idea of traveling to Ukraine and enjoying the many natural wonders that can be found here. The Roztochchya Reserve is one place in Ukraine where you can appreciate the natural beauty of ...

  • National Parks and Reserves

    Shats’kyi National Park

    Much of Ukraine is covered by beautiful natural vegetation, which is slowly being encroached on for farming and hunting purposes. In order to protect these natural areas and the creatures that seek refuge within them, the government has steadilybeen establishing a number of national parks in Ukraine. One such park is the Shats’kyi National Park situated in the Volyn Region of the country. ...

  • Volyn Oblast


    Shatsk is a small town in the Volyn oblast of Ukraine that travelers may want to consider visiting. The town only has about 6 000 people living in it, but it is warm and inviting. Situated north-west of the slightly bigger city of Kovel, Shatsk a great place to stop for a light lunch if you are traveling towards the city. It is also not a bad place to stop if you are making your way to the ...