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    The two biggest attractions in Ukraine are most likely the country's natural beauty and its rich history. The country's origins go back many hundreds of years and more than 500 of the cities date back some 900 years. Cities such as these – as well as many others which are only a few hundred years behind them – are enriched with monuments, buildings, archaeological sites and majestic ...

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    Airport Guide

    There are numerous airports in Ukraine operating either in an international or domestic capacity. Most international flights to Kyiv land at Boryspil International Airport, but there are several other international airports scattered throughout Ukraine. In fact, there are more than 180 paved airports in Ukraine. After arriving at one of Ukraine's airports you can take a taxi or bus into the ...

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    Travel Reservations

    If you’re planning a trip to Ukraine you will need to start making all the necessary Ukraine travel reservations long before you depart for this beautiful country. Likely, you will need to find out some Ukraine travel information before you can really start to get an idea of what to expect when you arrive in the country. However, so long as you make your travel reservations well in advance, ...

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    Travel options

    If you are planning a trip to Ukraine, it usually helps to find some Ukraine travel information. You will need to know what transport services are available where you plan to travel in Ukraine as this will affect your travel arrangements. Different cities will have different facilities so if you are unsure about something it is usually best to make doubly sure.

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    Horlivka is an interesting city linked closely to the large town of Barnsley in South Yorkshire in England. With a population of over 292,000 people, it is most famed as the main center for coal mining and the chemical industry in Ukraine. The city of Horlivka lies within the Donetsk Oblast in eastern Ukraine.