Tag: festivals

  • Music Festivals

    They say that music festivals are a little life. One cannot but agree with this expression. At festivals everything is different, people feel freer, music plays louder, food seems tastier, and drinks are sweeter. At festivals, the body rests, moving to the music of your favorite performers and DJs, and the soul rests because this is the way to have fun, spend time with old friends and make ...

  • Drama and Comedy Academic

    The Academic Theatre of Drama and Comedy is a rather new theater, since it was established in the late 1970’s by Eduard Mitnizky who now heads as artistic director of the company. Mitnizky has been the driving force behind the theatre and the high levels of success it now enjoys would have been impossible without him. Unlike its name, it is fresh and innovative and its theatrical debut took ...

  • Les Kurbas Theatre

    The Les Kurbas Theatre of Lviv was first established in 1988, as the local actors in the town discovered a growing desire to remove themselves from the old customs and traditions associated with theatre at that time. These efforts to produce more modernized pieces were supported by Volodymyr Kuchynsky and a following of young actors who were first and foremost in helping to realize this dream.