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    Vidubitsky Monastery

    The Botanical Garden of the Ukraine Academy of Science is home to thousands of different plant and tree species, a landscape filled with beauty and magic. But, amongst the daydreams of fairies and elves which you half expect to see between the rows of rose bushes or hiding underneath the fern leaves, looms the walls of the Vidubitsky Monastery. The Vidubitsky Monastery in Kiev brings a touch ...

  • Places of Interest

    Botanical Gardens

    Botanical gardens have been around for many years. The earliest such gardens were created at the University of Pisa, which was established in 1543, and the garden at the University of Padua, established in 1545. These gardens are created for educational purposes and enable research to be done on the various conifers, flowers, trees and ferns that are generally found in a botanical garden. ...