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  • Василь Волга заснував нову партію

    8 грудня відбувся установчий з’їзд партії „Союз лівих сил” (СЛС), яку очолив депутат Верховної Ради V скликання Василь Волга. За словами Волги, однією з головних цілей нової політичної сили є ...

  • Росія отримала графік виведення Чорноморського флоту з Криму

    Україна передала Росії проект Меморандуму щодо етапів і порядку виведення до 28 травня 2017 року військових формувань Чорноморського флоту РФ з місць його тимчасової дислокації на території України.

  • НСК Олімпійський реконструють

    Генеральний директор футбольного клубу Шахтар Сергій Палкін допоможе Міністерству України з питань родини, молоді та спорту підписати контракт із головним підрядником будівництва національного ...

  • Україна: земля праці, любові, втрат

    В українських земель було багато володарів – турецькі султани, козаки, австро-угорські цісарі, поляки після падіння царизму, німці та радянські правителі під час Другої світової війни – але ...

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What to See

  • Odessa Regional History

    History fanatics - one and all - The Odessa Regional History Museum is calling you! Come journey back in time at this marvelous Ukrainain museum.

  • Uspensky Cave Monastery

    Crimea is a region in Ukraine, which is located near the northern coastline of the Black Sea. Crimea's landscape is made up mostly of semiarid grasslands that are enhanced by the magnificent Crimean Mountain range in the background. Another spectacular feature that can be found within Crimea is the unusual Uspensky Cave Monastery.

  • Koriukivka

    If you travel to northern Ukraine you will find a province known as the Chernihiv Oblast. This beautiful region is situated right against the country’s international border and shares its borders with both Belarus and Russia. The Chernihiv Oblast itself is roughly 31,900 square kilometers in size and it is easily divided by the Desna River which bisects the region and joins with the Dniepro ...

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    Get in on the fun! Forums are filled with people from around the world talking about Ukraine culture, current events, cuisine and everything Ukraine. Meet people from all over the world exchange ideas and opinions all the while, making new friends. Click here to join!

  • Karpatskyi Biosphere

    If you are looking for a place where you can relax and unwind as well as enjoy some of the great mountain air in Ukraine, the Karpatskyi Biosphere Reserve is definitely the place to go. This reserve was founded in 1968 and it not only features several different massifs, but it also encompasses the Karpatskyi National Park with its many different facilities, including a health spa and ...

  • Uzhgorod Synagogue

    The Byzantine architectural style developed during the 19th century. Its distinct characteristics relate typically to the multi-colored artwork and ornate style of architecture used in a religious form. During the same era, in the mid-19th century, another style was beginning to develop since its first appearance in the 8th and 16th century where it was made popular in Spain and termed ...

  • Scuba Diving

    Since many people associate Ukraine with cold weather and icy water, not many people venture to this part of Europe with the idea of dipping themselves in the local lakes and rivers. Still swimming and scuba diving in Ukraine is not unheard of and in the summer months both activities are quite popular. If you are planning a trip to Ukraine soon, you will find that there are quite a few ...

  • Nikitsky Botanical Garden

    The Nikitsky Botanical Gardens is believed to be the oldest botanical garden in the world. The garden's landscapes are absolutely breathtaking. Visitors will not be disappointed on this amazing journey of beauty and discovery. Nature lovers will be thoroughly impressed by this stunning natural attraction in Ukraine.


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