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  • A Park of Sculpted Iron Captures the Interest of Many

    Ukraine is well-recognized for its parks built by royalty, with sprawling forests, romantic designs, and tenderly preserved flora and fauna, but one park in particular is made for the artists. ...

  • Керченська катастрофа: Прокуратура підраховує збитки

    898 мільйонів доларів – таким є попередній монетарний підсумок шкоди, що була спричинена чорноморському узбережжю внаслідок катастрофи російського танкеру „Волганєфть-130”, що затонув в ...

  • Freedom Square in Kharkiv

    Kharkiv is the administrative capital of the Kharkiv Oblast and is Ukraine’s second largest city. It is a very historical city, as it was the country’s first city that was proclaimed to be ...

  • Борги Ощадбанку СРСР повертаються

    Однією з передвиборчих обіцянок нового прем’єр міністра України Ю.Тимошенко на останніх парламентських виборах було повернення громадянам країни всіх боргів Ощадбанку СРСР. Тимошенко обіцяла ...

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  • Stock Market

    Ukraine gained its independence from the Soviet Union on 24 August 1991. It has an approximate population of 46.2 million and has many natural resources such as oil, manganese, timber, titanium, iron ore, salt, magnesium and graphite. Ukraine also exports large quantities of food products, fuel, metals, machinery and equipment, with their products being supplied by a rich ...

  • Odessa Catacombs

    The City of Odessa in Ukraine is home to more then one million people. It is also where tourists will find the Odessa Catacombs: a maze of underground tunnels that makes up a distance of approximately 2,500 kilometers. Amazingly, these underground tunnels make up a large network that is hidden beneath the city. The Odessa Catacombs developed over a long period of time taking almost two ...

  • Outdoor Activities

    Ukraine has much to offer in the way of museums, art galleries and so forth, but with beautiful surroundings and fresh air, you will want to spend much of your time outdoors. No matter where you go you will always find a variety of outdoor activities in Ukraine. Whether you're an adventure seeker or looking for some quiet time in the great outdoors, Ukraine can accommodate you.

  • Orikhiv

    If you travel to southern Ukraine, you will find the beautiful province of Zaporizhia (Zaporizhzhya). Known as the Zaporizhia Oblast (Zaporizhzhya Oblast), this province plays an important role in both industry and agriculture of Ukraine. It covers an area of approximately 27,200 square kilometers and is home to just under 2 million people. Within this oblast there are a lot of great towns, ...

  • Nizhyn

    Nizhyn is a small town in the Chernihiv Oblast that is home to approximately 80 000 inhabitants. It lies near the Oster River and is quite diverse for a town of its size. Many historical events and noteworthy sights make Nizhyn an interesting and fascinating town to visit. Tourists that explore the Chernihiv Oblast, will not be disappointed.

  • Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

    The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, in Yalta, is one of many such named cathedrals. A number of cathedrals with the name 'Alexander Nevsky' were built in countries like Ukraine, Israel and Russia. These buildings were built during the rule of either Alexander II or Alexander III of Russia to celebrate them as leaders. The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral situated in Yalta, a beautiful seaside resort, ...

  • Komsomolsk

    Komsomolsk is one of the youngest cities in Ukraine. It is a town of action with many programs on the go, giving the city a spirit of accomplishment and achievement. The town’s people are very proud of their young city as they work hard to continue its development.

  • Feodosia

    Feodosia is a rewarding and worthwhile place to visit, so come on a journey filled with adventure, you will not be disappointed. Situated on the southeast coast of Crimea, Feodosia has a population of about 60,000, and is located about 2 hours drive from Simferopol.


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