Berezovka – Discovery Site of the Berezovka Mammoth

Berezovka has an array of different spellings commonly used by the local people such as Beresovka, Berozovka and Berezovke. It is within the Odessa Oblast that you will find this beautiful city, just 88 kilometers from the region capital of Odessa.

Interestingly, there has been a great influence on the history of present day Ukraine by the Jewish community, which probably came to exist here in 1794. Coincidentally the same year of 1794 saw the establishment Odessa. Sadly, Berezovka was subjected to a dreadful calamity that was being dealt with in many Ukrainian cities, April 4, 1881. This was an organized killing of the local Jewish population, as well as the destruction of nearly all 161 buildings owned by Jews. What, you may ask, was left after such an extreme persecution? It was nothing more than the area’s local pharmacy and synagogue. Unfortunately, this was not the end, though a victory did come in 1905 when a second organized killing was prevented by the local population.

A further planned campaign sanctioned by the government took place during the civil war in Russia in 1918 and 1920. By 1928 every Jewish organization had been eliminated by the Soviet Government. Much can be told by the statistics that show quite a high percentage of Jews in 1897 – 56.2%. BY 1926 the population had dropped quite considerably in the country to 42.3%. Their final end in the Berezovka area came during the Nazi occupation. Evidence can be seen even today in east Tanastyshina Street of Berezovka which is smeared with hundreds of tombstones. Nevertheless, much of the original tombstones have been destroyed by the vandalism which took place in the war years, and sadly, still takes place today.

However, on a more positive note, Berezovka was the site of the famed ‘Berezovka mammoth’ that was found by scientists in 1901. Unfortunately, their arrival was too late as many predators had ravished the remains of the ancient mammoth. Thus it was necessary for scientist to reconstruct most of the creature. The Berezovka Mammoth can be seen on display Zoological Museum within St. Petersburg, Russia. Indeed the city of Berezovka is filled with history and you will certainly discover many interesting things whilst touring the city.

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