Ukraine’s 2019 investment potential a top goal for PM Groysman

by UNIAN Staff
January 4, 2019
This article originally appeared in UNIAN

Groysman says the country's potential is far from being exhausted / Photo from UNIAN

Ukraine’s main priorities for 2019 – financial stability, economic growth and further reforms – add to appeal for investors.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman says that Ukraine is a “rather attractive investment destination. “Despite all external and internal challenges, Ukraine is a rather attractive investment destination, because the country’s potential is far from being exhausted,” the Ukrainian government’s press service quoted Groysman as saying.

The prime minister says Ukraine will continue moving towards the European Union and NATO.

“For the future, investing in Ukraine is rather beneficial. I strongly believe in that. I can say this to both domestic and foreign investors. I have no doubt that Ukraine will strategically move towards the European Union and NATO. This is our strategic vector and the best investment in stability. Therefore, I don’t see any threat here that the attractiveness of investing in Ukraine would reduce,” he said.

In his words, even the political process is not fundamental in terms of risks this year.

“I saw findings of polls conducted among businesses that already operate in Ukraine. Everyone, as a matter of principle, is set to continue investing. I want to say to the whole business community: in 2019, I will, as always, be on their side – to defend, help, support and develop. I am interested in faster economic growth,” he said.

As UNIAN reported earlier, Groysman earlier defined financial stability, economic growth and further reforms as the country’s main priorities for 2019.